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Sociology Research


Dana is a political scientist who, from the early stages of her BA in Political Science from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2010), started to study Latin American indigenous peoples with a socio-political comparative approach. In this same line of investigation, in 2013 she received a MSc in Democracy and Comparative Politics from University College London (2013). Before starting her PhD in Cambridge, she worked as a teaching assistant of the Political Corruption in Latin America course in Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and later as a research assistant in the Politics and Society Programme in one of the most influential Latin American think tanks, Libertad y Desarrollo. There she specialised in the research of cultural public policy and the funding system of the Chilean culture together with the analysis of political corruption in the country. More recently, she was selected as a 2017 Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Latin American Studies at Columbia University in New York where she further developed her current investigation on urban Mapuche-indigenous associations in Santiago de Chile.

Research Interests

Dana's research focuses on the socio-political organisational dynamics and structures of urban Mapuche-indigenous associations in Santiago de Chile since the enactment of the post-authoritarian Indigenous Law in 1993. Her current research looks at the intersection of three main sociological areas: Ethnic identity, urban studies and community-based organisations. More specifically, Dana seeks to understand the reasons that lead self-identified Mapuche individuals from different rural-urban migrant generations to create and join an ethnic association and actively persist with their membership in the urban/non-traditional environment.

Specifically, she examines the interplay of the urban milieu, including the influence of the public sector at the local, regional and national levels, with ethnic identity, a constructed notion rooted in a rural/traditional imaginary, to understand voluntary participation of Mapuche indigenous people in the capital of Chile. By using qualitative research methods, including participant observation and in-depth interviews, Dana’s thesis advances academic knowledge on these indigenous associations embedded in an increasingly complex urban scenario by examining widely circumvented elements in the literature, that is, the influence of the milieu in their ethnic identity configuration, and how this condition shapes indigenous associations.


Undergraduate Course Supervision:

SOC11: Racism, Race and Ethnicity


Key Publications - Books

Wagemann, E.; Devilat, B.; Brablec, D.; Stuardo, M. and Soza, C. (2015). ChileGlobal Seminars UK 2013-2014. ChileGlobal Seminars UK.

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Key Publications - Other

Brablec, D. (2018). Pituto. In Alena Ledeneva (Ed.), The Global Encyclopaedia of Informality, (pp.52-54). London: UCL Press.

Antoine, C., Brablec, D., Montalva, D. (2013). Transparencia y Control en el Uso de los Recursos Públicos para el Financiamiento de la Cultura Chilena. Libertad y Desarrollo, 133, 1-32.

Brablec, D., Bellolio, A. (2012). Encuesta de Corrupción 2012: Resultados en Niveles Estables (2012). Libertad y Desarrollo, 127, 1-32.

Antoine, C., Brablec, D. (2011). Políticas Culturales: La Acción del Estado y la Sociedad de Oportunidades. Libertad y Desarrollo, 125, 1-62.

Maturana, C., Brablec, D. and Oliva, D. (2011). Balance Anual al Poder Legislativo del año 2010. Corporación Humanas.

Grants and Projects

Brablec, D., Aug. 2015 Fieldwork Scholarship. ‘Sociology Graduate Education Committee (GEC) fieldwork funding’ 

Brablec, D., Jul. 2015 Fieldwork Scholarship. ‘Fieldwork Grant’. Newnham College, University of Cambridge 

Brablec, D., Jul. 2015 Continuing Research Studentship 2015-2016, Newnham College, Cambridge 

Brablec, D., Jul. 2014 Scholarship ‘CONICYT-Cambridge Trust Scholarship 2014’ for studying a PhD programme at the University of Cambridge 

Brablec, D., Jul. 2012 Scholarship ‘Becas de Magíster en el Extranjero Becas Chile’ for studying a MSc programme at the University College London

PhD Supervisor

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Dec. 2010 Public Contest for University Dissertations 2010 of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies with the dissertation ‘The Mapuche Conflict: A Problem of Interest both Internal and External’

Job Title:
PhD Candidate, Newnham College