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Sociology Research


Katie is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow (2019-2020) jointly funded by the University of Cambridge and the University of Johannesburg. In addition to teaching in the Sociology department, and publishing academic and non-academic writing, she is using the fellowship to write a book based on her doctoral research, titled "The Cost of Staying: Women in Evangelical Christianity" under contract with Columbia University Press.

Research Interests

Katie's work explores the intersection of religion, gender, and politics, drawing on the Sociology of Religion and feminist theory. In addition to conducting an ethnographic study with evangelical Christian women in the US and the UK, Katie worked as a research assistant on a two-year project titled Infrastructures of Gendered Violence, led by Dr. Manali Desai.

Prior to academia, Katie worked in international development for five years, specialising in preventing violence against women and children.

Job Title:
Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Cambridge and University of Johannesburg
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