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Sociology Research


Dr Mark Ramsden completed his undergraduate and Masters degrees at the University of Liverpool and continued at Liverpool to complete a PhD examining the evolution of the labour market in Chile during the1980s and 1990s. Mark has worked at various institutions as a Research Associate including the University of Manchester, Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Middlesex before becoming a Lecturer in Social and Spatial Inequalities at the University of Sheffield. Before starting at Cambridge, Mark was a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Kingston.

Research Interests

Mark's current research explores social and spatial inequalities and how they are shaped by global, social and economic forces, and how both the social and spatial aspects interrelate. With experience of working in a number of different environments, in particular Human Geography and Sociology, Mark takes an inter-disciplinary approach and combines broad sociological knowledge with specific quantitative empirical research. In particular Mark has been exploring the relationship between housing and labour markets, schooling and ethnicity. Recent research focuses on how social and spatial inequalities are reproduced via the family, through education and labour markets, and how social class becomes expressed in terms of occupation and educational achievement. An ESRC funded project investigated gentrification in London and the significance of parental schooling decisions on the process of social upgrading of neighbourhoods and how this may vary according ethnicity.



SOC5: Methods and Statistics

MPhil in Sociology: Applied Quantitative Methods in Sociology

MPhil in Sociology: Elements of Social Inquiry

Graduate supervision availability and interests:

Mark is available to supervise students interested in the area of social and spatial inequalities: gentrification, schooling and education; parental strategies; neighbourhoods; social class; ethnicity and migration, housing.

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Li Xiao,  Mark Ramsden (2016) Founder Expertise, Strategic Choices, Formation, and Survival of High‐Tech SMEs in China: A Resource‐Substitution Approach. Journal of Small Business Management Volume 54, Issue 3

Hamnett, C., Butler, T. and Ramsden, M. (2013) ‘I wanted my child to go to a more mixed school’: Schooling and Ethnic Mix in East London, Environment and Planning A, 45(3): 553-547. 

Butler, T., Hamnett, C., and Ramsden, M. (2013) Gentrification, Education and Exclusionary Displacement in East London. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 37(2): 556-75. 

Butler, T., Hamnett, C., and Ramsden, M. (2008) Inward and Upwards? Marking out social class change in London 1981-2001, Urban Studies, 45(1): 67-88. 

Hamnett, C., Ramsden, M. and Butler, T. (2007) Social background, ethnicity and educational attainment in East London, Urban Studies, 44(7): 1255-1280. 

Butler, T., Hamnett, C., Webber, R., and Ramsden, M. (2007) The best, the worst and the average: secondary school choice and education performance in East London, Journal of Education Policy, 22(1): 7-29. 

Bennett, R. J., and Ramsden, M. (2007) The contributions of business associations to SMEs: strategy, bundling or reassurance? International Small Business Journal, 25(1): 49-76. 

Ramsden, M., Bennett, R. J., and Fuller, C. (2004), ‘The Learning and Skills Council and the Institutional Infrastructure for Post-16 Education and Training: An Initial Assessment’, Journal of Education and Work, 17(4): 397-420. 

Ramsden, M. Bennett, R. J. and Fuller, C. (2002) ‘The End of TECs: A challenge for Partners and Successor Bodies to Maintain Discretionary Activity’, Policy Studies, 23(3/4): 231-246.

Job Title:
Lecturer in Sociology
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