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Sociology Research


Dr May Hen-Smith holds a PhD at the University of Cambridge, Jesus College. She read economic sociology in the Department of Sociology. She is interested in offshore financial centres and is currently working on a 10-year longitudal study of women in offshore. May is actively involved in all aspects of international research and dialogue on anti-corruption, taxation, tax research in the social sciences, and fiscal anthropology of tax. She is interested in all things tax: 1) How it makes people behave, 2) How industries are formed around interpretation of it, and 3) How in the pursuit of 1) and 2) can influence the culture of indigenous populations.

For her PhD, May will study three British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean region: The Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands, in order to understand how expatriates and indigenous populations have transformed themselves from maritime economies in to powerful finance-based economies, and what the future might hold for each of the three islands.

She is also a research intern at Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK) conducting an ethnographic study of economic decision-making of cloud users.

Research Interests

Offshore Financial Centres, Bitcoin and Distributed Ledgers, Tax, Cloud Services, Technology, Economic Decision-Making

Key Publications - Book Chapters

Hen, H. M. (2018). Sub-elites as fiduciary gatekeepers of global elites: a fiscal anthropology of the Cayman Islands offshore financial centre. In S. Chauvin, P. Clegg and B. Cousin (Eds.) Euro-Caribbean Societies in the 21st Century: Offshore Europe and its Discontents. Routledge.

Hen, H. M. and Duncan, A. (2018). Distributed ledgers and the future of wealth transfer technology. In L. Seabrooke and D. Wigan (Eds.) Global Wealth Chains: Governing Assets in the World Economy. Oxford University Press

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Hen, H. M. (2017). The appeal of tax! Journal of Money Laundering Control, 20(1).

Key Publications - Other

Hen, H. M. (2010). Intellectual Property Policies for Canadian Universities. Centre for Policy Research for Science and Technology. Vancouver, British Columbia. Simon Fraser University: or

PhD Supervisor

Research Groups & Affiliations

Job Title:
PhD Candidate, Jesus College