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Sociology Research


Eliran Bar-El is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge. Eliran's work deals with the sociology of intellectual interventions and his research thesis is titled "Positioning the Intellectual: Zizek as a Sociological Phenomenon". He is a translator in the philosophy series for Resling Publishing.

Eliran graduated with a BA and MA in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University in Israel, with distinction (Magna Cum Laude) on his thesis. For his Master’s thesis study on the comparative study of the Arab Spring, he conducted a discursive analysis of two years. In Tel Aviv University he also worked as a research and teaching assistant for three years. He gave frontal lessons from introductory to postgraduate level in Sociology and Political Science. During his postgraduate education, he won the Dean's Excellence Award (2012), and the Excellent Achievements Award from the Faculty of Social Science (2013 & 2014).

Research Interests

Methodology of Science; Sociology of Interventions; Social Theory; Political Theology

Key Publications - Book Chapters

E. Bar-El, "Memory and the Individual", in: Memory 2, Jingrong Gessjon & Eliran Bar-El (eds.), Forthcoming 2018, Jinan University Press.

Eliran Bar-El: Mobius Strip, in: Integral Transmissions, Duane Rousselle (ed.), (Forthcoming) 

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Eliran Bar-El & Shaul Mishal, The Middle East in Changing Reality (Forthcoming) 

Eliran Bar-El, 2014, The a-Mythic Arab Spring: The Writing of Revolution, The Public Sphere, Vol. 9, Pp. 110-139, (Hebrew) 

Key Publications - Other

E. Bar-El, "Black Panther as a Red Herring" (The Philosophical Salon)

E. Bar-El, "Israelis as Holocaust Deniers" (Ha'Aretz, 21.5.18 [Hebrew])

E. Bar-El, "Slavoj Zizek: Between public intellectual and academic celebrity" (The Sociological Review, 26.5.16)

E. Bar-El, translation (from English): Yehouda Shenhav, 'Manifestations of Violence in the Novels of Elias Khoury: Representation, Intervention, Translation', (2016)

E. Bar-El, translation (from English): Slavoj Zizek, Demanding the Impossible (Polity, 2013) 

E. Bar-El, translation (from English): Alain Badiou, The Subject of Change: Lessons from the European Graduate School (Atropos, 2012) 

E. Bar-El, translation (from English): Terry Eagleton, The Meaning of Life (Oxford, 2005) 

PhD Supervisor

Job Title:
PhD Candidate, Darwin College
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