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Sociology Research


Born into a family that pushes children, and taught in schools that deprived her of a 'happy' childhood, Linzhi Zhang still managed to pursue her passion in sociology and art. She was fascinated by social theory, but converted to empirical research for her doctoral project. Linzhi has lived in different places throughout her lifetime and speaks three languages fluently. She is a a bit slow in publishing her academic works, but she also writes popular social sciences articles as a freelance writer in Chinese.

Research Interests

Sociology of art (study of contemporary art, current area focus: China)

Social theory (Marxism, Cultural sociology, sociology of knowledge)

Grants and Projects

Zhang, L. Queens' College Travel Grant , January 2016, £300 

Zhang, L. Cambridge PhD Bursary, October 2015, £500. 

Zhang, L. Cambridge Fieldwork Fund, July 2014, £10,829 

Zhang, L. Cambridge Trust CSC Scholarship, October 2012- present.

Zhang, L. Heinrich Boell Foundation Scholarship, August 2011 - April 2013. 

PhD Supervisor

Research Groups & Affiliations

Job Title:
PhD Candidate, Queens' College