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Sociology Research


Mohammed Elnaiem is a PhD Candidate in Sociology who is training to become a historical sociologist with a focus on the history of capitalism and the global reparations movement. His project is to investigate whether capitalism, patriarchy and slavery can be seen as disparate phenemona or different facets of the same totality. To address this question, he puts various sociological and historiographical traditions into conversation with one another including – but not limited to – works from the black radical tradition, dependency theory, political Marxism, and feminist political economy.

He is also studying the CARICOM reparations commission, which he sees as a unique policy case study, primarily because it begins with a causal claim on the relationship between industrial capitalism and slavery, and takes state-level legislative action from there. It is the first, transnational and state-level body to advance claims for reparations. In its connection to the question of patriarchy, he is particularly interested in how the CARICOM reparations commission focuses on gender. Mohammed Elnaiem’s other research interests include imperialism, settler colonialism and racial capitalism.

Research Interests

History of Capitalism, Racial Capitalism, Settler Colonialism, Imperialism, Gender, Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism


Paper 21: Empires and World History from the Fifteenth Century to the First World War

Soc12: Social Problems in Modern Britain

Key Publications - Book Chapters

Elnaiem, Mohammed. 2017. "Struggling Hand in Hand with the Kurdish Youth Movement: Dispatches from the Long March." In Your Freedom and Mine - Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdish Question in Erdogan's Turkey: Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdish Question in Erdogan's Turkey. Black Rose Books, pp 347-360.

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Elnaiem, Mohammed. 2019. Armed, Unarmed, and Non-Violent: The Sudanese Resistance in Sudan's 2018-2019 Revolutionary Uprising. Fletcher Forum of World Affairs 43, p 5.

PhD Supervisor

Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley

Media Articles


Cambridge Political Economy Society Trust (£45,000) 2018 | Cambridge Political Economy Society

Newton Studentship (£16,000)  | Cambridge University Trust

Fitzwilliam Charlton Scholarship 2016 (£8,000) |Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Student Leadership Senior Award 2016 |Bucknell University

Emerging Scholars Award  |2015 Bucknell University, Cambridge

Job Title:
PhD Candidate, Trinity Hall
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