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Sociology Research


Professor David Lane is an Emeritus Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, UK, and previously was Professor of Sociology at the University of Birmingham. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

David was educated at the Universities of Birmingham and Oxford (Nuffield College) and has taught at the Universities of Birmingham, where he was Professor of Sociology, and at Essex University. He has been a visiting professor at Cornell, Odense, Harvard, Sabanci (Istanbul), Graz, the Kennan Institute (Washington DC), Shandong and Peking. He has visited and lectured at many universities and research institutes in the countries of the former USSR and eastern and central Europe China and Japan.

He has published widely on state socialist societies, the USSR, Marxism, elites, class and social stratification; his current research focuses on transformation, globalization, ‘varieties of capitalism’, neoliberalism, alternatives to capitalism,  the enlargement of the European Union and the formation of the Eurasian Union.

Research Interests

Current research: unemployment under post-socialism, post-socialism. Political economy of transition from state socialism in general. Special interest in role of classes and elites. Particular interest in contemporary Ukraine and Russia; post socialist states in the world system; alternatives to capitalism.

Teaching Interests: sociology of politics; social class, civil society, social mobility, inequality and social stratification; the sociology of socialism; revolution and socialism; Russian and East European politics and society; political leadership and elites; transition in post communist society.


Graduate supervision availability and interests:

Applications are invited in the area of the political economy of transition in Eastern Europe and the former USSR, elites and classes, enlargement of the EU and current debates on Marxism with respect to state socialism. Post-socialist states and the world system; alternatives to capitalism and neo-liberalism.  In the first instance, contact David Lane direct via email (DSL10@CAM.AC.UK). Send a brief cv and a one page outline of your proposals.


Current Doctoral students:

Current and recent PhD students are studying: Commonwealth of Independent States, Privatisation in Poland, international Aspects of Transformation of Eastern Europe and Former USSR Russian Television, National and Ethnic Consciousness in the states of the former USSR, civil society in post-socialist states, national identity in central Asian Republics of former USSR, formation of post-communist ideology in Russian Federation, structure of electronic communications in contemporary China. 

Recent PhDs have completed on Comparative Communism: the Case of North Korea, Small Business in Ukraine. Russian Television, Enlargement of European Union ; economic transformation of Ukraine and Russia; forms of participation of young people in electronic media.

Key Publications - Books

Lane, D. and Guichang Zhu (Eds). 2018. Changing Regional Alliances for China and the West. Lanham: Lexington Books.

Lane, D (Ed). 2018. The Eurasian Project in Global Perspective. London: Routledge.

Lane, D. and Vsevolod Samokhvalov (Eds). 2015. The Eurasian Project and Europe: Regional Discontinuities and Geopolitics. Palgrave Macmillan.

Lane, D. 2013. The Capitalist Transformation of State Socialism: The making and breaking of state socialist society, and what followed. Routledge.

Key Publications - Book Chapters

Lane, D. 2018. Post-Soviet Regions: From Interdependence to Countervailing Powers? In Changing Regional Alliances for China and the West. Lanham: Lexington Books. pp. 3-24.

Lane, D. 2018. Post-socialist regions in the world system. In The Eurasian Project in Global Perspective. London: Routledge. pp. 46-66.

Lane, D. 2018. Divergent social an economic consequences of transformation in post-communist states. In Crises in the Post-Soviet Space. Felix Jaitner, Tina Olteanu and Tobias Spori (eds). London: Routledge. pp. 39-60.

Lane, D. 2016. The Shift of the Russian Economy to National Capitalism. In Economic Crisis and Industrial Policies: Policy Options for a Return to Growth in Russia. Moscow: Politicheskaya entsiklopediya. pp. 147-163.

Lane, D. 2015. Eurasian integration as a Response to Neo-liberal Globalisation. In The Eurasian Project and Europe: Regional Discontinuities and Geopolitics. Palgrave Macmillan.

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Lane, D. 2020. Russia Against the Rest. The Post-Cold War Crisis of World Order (Review). European Politics and Society, Vol 21:6, Issue 1:7.

Lane, D. 2018. The October Revolution and its Consequences. Society, Environment and Development (St Petersburg), no 3, pp. 31-41. 

Lane, D. 2017. The De-Coupling of National Economic elites from Political Elites: Russia and the UK Compared. Corvinus, Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. Vol 8:3S, pp. 221-252.

Lane, D. 2016. The International Context: Russia, Ukraine and the Drift to East-West Confrontation. International Critical Thought, 6(4), 623-644.

Lane, D. 2016. Post-Socialist Regions in the World System. European Politics and Society, Vol 17:S1. 

Lane, D. 2017. The Significance of the October Revolution. Theory and Struggle, vol. 118, pp. 2-19.

Grants and Projects

Dr Lane has received research grants from the British Academy and the Leverhulme Trust to research unemployment in Russia and Ukraine with collaborators in Moscow, Kharkov and Kiev.  Recent grants from the British Academy have supported a network on strategic elites in the process of European Enlargement.  The Centre for East European Based Language Area Studies in support of a network on Eurasia.

Job Title:
Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Emeritus Fellow of Emmanuel College
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