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Robert Dorschel is a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Cambridge. His research spans the fields of digital labour, class, culture, and social theory. In his dissertation, Robert analyses the professional workforce of so-called “tech-workers”. Specifically, he is interested in the subjectivity and class formation of those responsible for coding, designing, and imagining the digital technologies that permeate social life.

Robert has studied sociology and political science at Duke University, Humboldt-University Berlin, and the University of Kiel. For his master's thesis, he received the Best Thesis Award by the German Sociological Association. Robert has been convener of the Cambridge Technology & New Media Research Cluster since the start of his PhD in 2019. Furthermore, he is associated researcher at the Technology & Trust Initiative.


University of Cambridge, Lecturer  

Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis, Mphil and First-year PhD Level, Social Science Research Methods Programme (Michaelmas 2020 and 2021)  


University of Potsdam, Lecturer  

Introduction to Classical Sociological Theory, Undergraduate Level, Department of Social Sciences (Fall Term 2020 and 2021) 


Humboldt-University Berlin, Teaching Assistant 

The Sociology of “Good Work”, Master’s Level, Assistant to Professor Jutta Allmendinger (Summer Term 2018) 


University of Kiel, Tutor   

Introduction to Academic Research, Undergraduate Level, Department of Social Sciences (Fall Term 2015 and 2016) 

Key Publications - Books

The Social Codes of Tech Workers: On the Quest to be
Middle-Class Wealthy and Morally Worthy" (under review at MIT Press)

Key Publications - Book Chapters

Dorschel, Robert (2020). "A Field Theoretical Discovery of the Tourism Industry". In Pietzcker, Dominik & Vaih-Baur, Christina: Ökonomische und Soziologische Tourismustrends. Springer Verlag, Wiesbaden.

Dorschel, Robert & Allmendinger, Jutta. (2019). "Über die sozialen Fesseln unserer Sprache". In Eichinger, Ludwig & Plewnia, Albrecht: Neues vom heutigen Deutsch. Empirisch – methodisch – theoretisch. Jahrbuch des Instituts für Deutsche Sprache. De Gruyter, Berlin.

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Dorschel, Robert (2022) A New Middle-Class Fraction with a Distinct Subjectivity. Tech Workers and the Transformation of the Entrepreneurial Self. The Sociological Review, pp. 1-19 (online first).

Dorschel, Robert (2022) Reconsidering digital labour: Bringing tech workers into the debate. New Technology, Work and Employment, 37(1), pp. 1-20 (online first).

Dorschel, Robert (2022): Tech Workers und das achtsam-moralische Selbst. Jenseits von Künstlerkritik und Arbeitskraftunternehmer. Arbeits- und Industriesoziologische Studien,15 (1), pp. 125-143.

Dorschel, Robert (2021) Discovering Needs for Digital Capitalism. The Hybrid Profession of Data ScienceBig Data & Society, 8(2), pp. 1-13.

Dorschel, Robert / Brandt, Philipp (2021) Professionalisierung mittels Ambiguität: Die diskursive Konstruktion von Data Scientists in Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft. Zeitschrift für Soziologie, 50(3-4), pp. 193-210.

Dorschel, Robert (2021) Contours of the Networked Self. New Media & Society, 23(1), 193-198. (Book Review Essay)

Allmendinger, Jutta / Dorschel, Robert (2021) Der Raum des Möglichen. Kursbuch, 207, pp. 61-72.

Dorschel, Robert (2021) “Data Science“ Analyse einer emergierenden Profession mittels einer Verknüpfung von Diskurs- und Feldtheorie. Soziologie, 50(1), 94-102.

Key Publications - Other

Allmendinger, Jutta & Dorschel, Robert (2018) Sommergäste und die Angst vor Morgen. Deutsches Theater Berlin, Programmheft, pp. 8-12.

PhD Supervisor

Media Articles

Research Groups & Affiliations


Best Master's Thesis Award 2019/20, German Sociological Association

MA and PhD Scholarships, Foundation of the German Economy

Network Research Grant, Cambridge Digital Humanities

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PhD Candidate, Darwin College
Robert Dorschel
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