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Sociology Research


Sebastian is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge, where he specializes in social theory. His current research draws upon American Pragmatism, moral philosophy and contemporary social theory to propose a normative-oriented, practice-theoretic framework to analyse the moral, political and temporal intricacies of experiences of crises. He is interested in the contemporary appropriations and developments of American Pragmatism, cultural sociology, sociological theories of practice, and, in general, in the contributions and intersections of sociology and philosophy on the topics of the self, experience, temporality and morality.

Sebastian studied Sociology both at undergraduate (2016, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador – PUCE) and master’s level (2017, University of Warwick). He has taught undergraduate courses in Social Theory, and Logic and Philosophy.

In addition, together with Jorge Daniel Vásquez, Sebastian is an Editor of Theorein. Revista de Ciencias Sociales.

Research Interests

Social theory; sociology and philosophy of time; moral & political philosophy and sociology; sociological theories of practice, habits & reflexivity; pragmatism; (economic) crises; social suffering; qualitative methods


Undergraduate Course Supervision:

SOC1 and SOC2

Grants and Projects

Raza Mejia, S. 2018-2022. Doctoral Scholarship, SENESCYT, Ecuador.

PhD Supervisor

Job Title:
PhD Candidate, Selwyn College
Contact Information: