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Sociology Research


Timur Alexandrov is a postdoctoral researcher at the Cambridge Judge Business School, Centre for Social Innovation.

Dr Alexandrov received his PhD from the University of Cambridge, Department of Sociology. His doctoral thesis was a qualitative study of formal and informal social practices of public associations in creating capacities for sustaining communities and social networks. Timur analysed public and professional associations, community development practices and networks of social cooperation including traditional forms of associational life in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The study was based on a multi-locale ethnography including in-depth and focus group interviews, participant observations, case studies, comparative analysis and archival research. The thesis defined cultural articulations of civil society and generated knowledge on a variety of local forms of associational life that sustain solidarity, mobilisation, and contribute to the wider civil sphere.

In the post-doctoral project on re-imagining churches in England, Timur Alexandrov examines community values and perceptions of church buildings, and explores new ways of measuring the success of churches’ work in their local communities. This innovative project will help understand how community values can be used in the most effective way to ensure the sustainable future of historic church buildings. 

Dr Alexandrov has an extensive experience in communications, public relations and digital content production in academia and NGOs. Prior to joining the Cambridge Judge Business School, Timur was employed by the Cambridge Department of Sociology to advise on communication aspects of research dissemination, create research project websites, develop photo and video works for the Reproductive Sociology Research Group, and manage the Sociology 50th Anniversary Oral History Project.

Research Interests

Public sphere and civil society, political sociology, social networks, cultural anthropology, film studies, media and photography.


Key Publications - Book Chapters

Alexandrov, T. (2017). “Gap” in Ledeneva, A., Bailey, A., Barron, S., Curro, C. and Teague, E. (eds.) The Global Encyclopaedia of Informality: Understanding of Global and Cultural Complexity, Vol. 2. London: UCL Press, 47-51.

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Alexandrov, T. (2018). ‘Ethno-cultural associations in Kazakhstan: The Soviet footprint and resources for civil society’Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies (2): 1–20. 

Alexandrov, T. (2017). ‘‘Shaking Hands with Money’: The Phenomenon of Gap in Modern Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan’Europe-Asia Studies, 69(6), 897-920.

PhD Supervisor


Cambridge Trust/Open Society Scholarship (Full stipendiary scholarship) 

US State Department’s Edmund S. Muskie Fellowship (Full stipendiary scholarship)

Job Title:
Postdoc, Darwin College