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Sociology Research



The Political Sociology Research Cluster is an open, welcoming space that encourages scholars (developed and developing) to share new ideas and works in progress, with the goal of building confidence, community, and collaboration. Our aim is to connect students and faculty- within and beyond the department- who have an interest in political sociology and comparative historical methods. However, our goals extend beyond creating a collegial community at Cambridge; rather, by creating the opportunity for these relationships to develop, we hope for all those involved to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects and contemporary discussions in the field and contribute to the scholarly community at large. By bringing together researchers at different levels and from different backgrounds, we hope to increase fluency in relevant concepts, inspire new research, improve existing projects, and help ready outputs of publications or presentation. We maintain a fluid structure in order to allow for different activities with different aims: seminars, reading groups, workshops, and conferences are all organised within this research group to make use of our strengths and resources. It brings a sense of community to the department as well as affording its students a way to connect and possibly collaborate with others whose research pertains to political sociology, an active and growing subfield at Cambridge and beyond. Part think space, part discussion venue, and part workshop, the Political Sociology Research Cluster aims to enable and improve research and be a resource for those who conduct it.


The Political Sociology Research Cluster meets on a biweekly basis and take the form of seminars and workshops, as well as seen works from draft dissertation chapters and published books. The group is formatted so that one discussant is pre-selected to give a 10-15 minute commentary on the main speaker's 15-20 minute presenation. The remaining time is for audience questions and open discussion.


The Political Sociology Research Cluster is convened by Manali Desai. Please email Manali to be added to our mailing list.

[Image: 'Change the Politics' by Joanna Penn [CC BY 2.0]]