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Sociology Research

The Race Research Cluster aims to bring together faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in the university researching, or taking interest in 'race'. Academically it offers a space for collaboration and dissemination, offering a platform for feedback on potential conference presentations, PhD chapters, and journal articles. It also offers a space to gain insights into more interdisciplinary and transnational approaches and understanding of race. Although there are current student activism networks around ace in Cambridge (e.g. Decolonise Cambridge, FLY, BME campaign) the research cluster will be the first space within in the university for the academic study of race and, therefore, is important for the academic community.


The cluster involves a selection of events including feedback panels where a presenter will have their upcoming conference paper or draft of a manuscript constructively criticised. Some meetings involve discussions of set text and others follow more 'lecture style' presentations or are run in a 'workshop' style format. The cluster meets 3-4 times per term.


The Gender Research Cluster is convened by Ali Meghji and Tanisha Spratt. Please email Ali or Tanisha to be added to our mailing list.


[Image: 'W.E.B. DuBois with his wife Nina and daughter Yolande' sourced from Wikimedia [CC BY 2.0]]