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Sociology Research


Supporting Digital Human Rights Reporting

On-going research by Dr Ella McPherson on how human rights NGOs use social media in fact-finding aims to have an impact on the understanding that policy makers, practitioners and the public have of what is at stake in evaluating digital information from civilian witnesses as evidence. What is the problem that this research...

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From Zero Joy to Zero Stress: Making Flexible Scheduling Work

This on-going impact study on the phenomenon of ‘zero hours employment’ arises from research carried out by Dr Brendan Burchell and his then ESRC funded PhD student Alex Wood on the effects of zero hour contracts on supermarket workers in the UK and US. Rather than advocating either the banning of zero hour contracts or...

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Gender Roles and Family Changes

Research by Professor Jackie Scott and those involved in the ESRC Research Priority Network entitled ‘ Gender Inequalities in Production and Reproduction ' (GeNet) has raised public awareness and made a significant impact on policy makers, government commissions, NGOs and charities. The research combined qualitative and...

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Transformation of the book publishing industry

Research undertaken by Professor John Thompson represents the most sustained account of the transformation of the modern book publishing industry available in any language. What was the problem that this research aimed to address? Between 1999 and 2012 Thompson carried out two research projects – both funded by ESRC grants...

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