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Sociology Research

Bucking the Trend

The Social Class Reading Group provides an open and welcoming space to explore the role and significance of social class in the 21st century. 

This is a multidisciplinary group, with discussions including politics, education, psychology, and geography. We hope to bring together students and staff from across the university to share ideas, collaborate, and debate the concept of social class. Each fortnight, our discussions will follow a different theme, from the relevance of class-politics for the Labour Movement, to class as a tool for intersectional analysis.  

Students are provided with a Moodle platform to discuss their research interests in relation to social class and present their projects to the group. We also intend to invite external speakers, including academics and politicians, into our discussions in the future.


Meetings take place bi-weekly in Room 10, Mill Lane Lecture Theatres, 5-6:30pm. Refreshments will be provided.


This group is convened by Tallulah Eyres ( Please email Tallulah for any more information about the group, to be enrolled on the Moodle page, and added to the WhatsApp group chat. 

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