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Sociology Research

A futuristic AI interface with glowing blue neural network patterns on a dark background, symbolizing advanced artificial intelligence. The interface is filled with holographic projections of data streams, code, and 3D brain-like structures, showcasing th

Cambridge has a wonderful array of interdisciplinary research groups on artificial intelligence.  This group shines the sociological spotlight on AI, to answer questions such as:

  • How can sociology help us understand the rise of AI and its attendant problematics?  

  • What can our theory say about the empirical data around AI, and what can the empirical data around AI say about our theory?  

  • What do we think about the use of or resistance to AI in relation to the production of sociological knowledge?  

  • What are the broader consequences of sociological arguments about AI for users, technologists, policy-makers, and neo-Luddites?


Convenors and contact

Co-convened by Dr Ella McPherson and Professor Patrick Baert.


Upcoming meetings

We'll list future meetings here.


Past meetings:


Tuesday 4th June 2024

All sociologists, students of sociology, and the sociologically-curious were invited to decide together on the scope and aims of the group. 

Reading ‘Sociological Perspective on Artificial Intelligence’ by Dr Zheng Liu (a Cambridge Sociology alum!).