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Sociology Research


The Technology and New Media Research Cluster will convene in the academic year 2021-22.

The aim of the research cluster is to bring together academics from a range of backgrounds with an interest in technology and new media in order to explore and discuss recent and ongoing research. We welcome all students (undergraduate and postgraduate), staff, and visiting scholars to attend and participate in any/all sessions. 

This year, the cluster will cover a wide range of research topics including digital labour, digital media cultures, AI ethics, tech workers, automation, environmental impacts as well as the economic transformations unfolding through technological innovations. An overarching theme of all events will be to critically address the implications for society and social theory that result from empirical observations of change.

The cluster will host meet-ups as well as sessions with speakers. If you wish to become a member of the research cluster, please find us on Twitter (@camtechmedia) and/or our Facebook group, and Facebook page for the latest updates. For more information, please email convener Robert Dorschel ( and convener Stefanie Felsberger (

First Event

"Optimizing Temporal Capital: How Big Tech Imagines Time as Auditable": Tech-Talk with Prof. Judy Wacjman at Darwin College (Thur 10 March 2022, 5pm). Event details.