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Sociology Research



Desai, M. (PI) Gendered Violence and Urban Transformation in India and South Africa. ESRC Large Grant (2020-2023): £1.76m

The Global roots of Black sociology, Cambridge Humanities Research Grants Scheme (£1425).


Meghji, A. (PI) A new Black consciousness? Anti-racism among the Black elite in South Africa and the United States. Cambridge Humanities Research Grants Scheme (2019): £13,657.20


Page, T. (CI) What universities can learn from workplace policies on preventing sexual misconduct. British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant (2018): £9,966

GCRF / RCUK Research for Health in Conflict (R4HC) 2018 - 2022. The political economy of health in the Arab region. CO-I and lead of the political economy of health component. 650K.

Page, T. (CI) Analysis of secondary data on staff sexual misconduct in UK higher education. University of Portsmouth grant (2018): £6877.16


Page, T. (CI) Developing intersectional approaches to challenge sexual harassment and violence in universities. HEFCE Catalyst grant (2017-2018): £43,000

Kandil, H. (PI) The Military Origins of Freedom and Oppression. Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study Pro Futura Fellowship (2017-2020): £198,797

Moreno Figueroa, M. (PI) Latin American Antiracism in a ‘Post-Racial’ Age. ESRC (2017-2019): £1,005,035


Desai, M. (PI) Comparative Study of Gendered Violence: India and South Africa. School of the Humanities and Social Sciences (2016-18): £67,845

Mottier, V. Debating Homosexuality in Uganda: The case of members of parliament. Cambridge Africa Alborada Fund (2016-2017): £5680

Moreno Figueroa, M. (PI) Becoming Black: gender, racism and representation in the Costa Chica, Mexico. Cambridge Humanities Research Grant Scheme (2016): £17,000 

Moreno Figueroa, M. (PI) Institutional racism and the logics of the contemporary Mexican state. British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowships (2016-2018): £73,952


Burchell, B. (PI) A new method to analyse occupational gender segregation. European Commission (2015): £20,000


Burchell, B. (PI) Gender and working conditions. European Foundation (2012): £30,000


Miley, J. (PI) Immigrant Identities, Attitudes and Behaviour in the European Union. Cambridge Humanities Research Grants Scheme (2011-2013): £19,833


Desai, M. (PI) Beyond Identity?: Markets and Logics of Democratization in Post-1991 India. Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant (2010-2013): £78,500