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Sociology Research


Talking History is a study group for sociology postgraduate students conducting historical research. It meets once a term in four-hour sessions, including a potluck lunch break.

Proceedings commence with the History Huddle, a historical research workshop in Michaelmas, where contrasting approaches to history are assessed comparatively drawing on recommended readings on historical method. The aim is to help students select their preferred approach in a deliberate and coherent manner

Lent term turns from theoretical to practical concerns through a . Students fill out a survey of challenges form listing specific problems they expect to encounter when conducting historical research, these might include problems with locating and accessing sources, as well as collecting or interpreting data. Those sharing similar concerns will be matched and encouraged to work together as a team and present their solutions to the rest of the group. By end of term, all involved should be clear on how they are going to conduct their research in the coming weeks.

The final stage, in Easter, is to move from research to writing through the History on Page workshop. Students will fill out a dissertation report form including an abstract, summary of their claims, and an annotated chapter outline. The group will collectively help members sharpen their arguments and represent their research findings accurately on paper.


Meetings for 2024:

History Lab: Thursday 29th February 11:00 - 15:00 in the Boardroom, Department of Sociology, Free School Lane.

History on the Page Workshop: Thursday 9th May 11:00 - 15:00 in the Boardroom, Department of Sociology, Free School Lane.




Prof Hazem Kandil

Professor of Historical and Political Sociology

Director of Postgraduate Education


Dr Diana Kudaibergenova

Assistant Professor in Political Sociology