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Sociology Research


In 2016, our interdisciplinary collaboration between the Cambridge Department of Sociology and Stem Cell Institute produced Dish Life, a documentary short film which explores stem cell researchers’ affective relationship with their in vitro cells. Since then, the film has been in the official selection and won awards at over ten international film festivals, and has also been featured in the New York Times and by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

This project, led by Sarah Franklin and Karen Jent, will develop Dish Life: The Game a digital mobile game, where players look after a dish of virtual stem cells. Developed as an application for mobile phones, the game conveys important aspects of the everyday challenges of growing live stem cells as technologies. The game will target an audience of high school students to learn about stem cells as a career.

The game will be designed in line with the learning goals in the National Curriculum based on a resource published by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.