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Sociology Research


Daniel Davison-Vecchione is a social theorist interested in the genealogy of sociological concepts, and the influence of value judgements on social scientific methods of research. Before coming to Cambridge in 2017 to pursue his PhD in Sociology, Daniel completed his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at the University of Surrey in 2014 and his Master of Laws (LLM) in Legal Theory at New York University in 2015.  His PhD investigates whether Simmel and Weber’s canonisation in opposition to each other in Anglophone sociology has obscured how much their ideas about selfhood and action overlap, especially in relation to the key theme of tragedy. Since 2019, Daniel has been collaborating with the literary scholar Sean Seeger (University of Essex) on a series of journal articles on the relationship between speculative fiction and social theory.

Research Interests

Social theory, philosophy of social science, intellectual history, utopia, dystopia, science fiction.


Supervisor for SOC1 (Introduction to Sociology) and SOC2 (Social Theory).

Key Publications - Journal Articles

‘Dystopian Literature and the Sociological Imagination,’ Thesis Eleven 155, no. 1 (2019): 45-63, with S. Seeger.

'How is the EU like the Marvel Universe? Legal Experientialism and Law as a Shared Universe’ (2017) Law and Literature

‘Steven M Wise and the Common Law Case for Animal Rights: Full Steam Ahead’ (2017) 30(2) Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence 287, with Pambos K

‘From Dialogue to Disagreement in Comparative Rights Constitutionalism' (Stephenson S, Federation Press 2016)’ [2017] Public Law 337, with Eastaugh C

‘Beyond the Forms of Faith: Pacta Sunt Servanda and Loyalty’ (2015) 16(5) German Law Journal 1163

‘To Make a House a Home: Best v Chief Land Registrar’ (2014) 4 Conveyancer & Property Lawyer 351 (3422)

‘Louder Than Words: Acceptance by Conduct of Unilateral Offers’ (2014) 23 Nottingham Law Journal 20

Key Publications - Other

The Politics of the Book: A Study on the Materiality of Ideas (F. Carreira da Silva and M. Brito Vieira, Pennsylvania State University Press 2019),’

International Sociology 35, no. 5 (2020): 505-08.

Graphic Justice: Intersections of Comics and Law (T. Giddens ed., Routledge 2015),’ Law and Humanities 12, no. 1 (2018): 143-48.

‘From Dialogue to Disagreement in Comparative Rights Constitutionalism (Stephenson S, Federation Press 2016),’ Public Law (2017): 337-40, with C. Eastaugh.

Dystopia and social theory’ (Ideology Theory Practice, 18 October 2021).

PhD Supervisor

Job Title:
PhD Candidate, Selwyn College
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