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Sociology Research


Dr. Jorge Saavedra Utman is an Affiliated Lecturer in Media, Culture and Society at the Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge. Originally from Chile, Jorge completed a BA in Social Communication (2005), and a MA in Political Communication (2010).

After working in local and national media, in the cultural sector, being involved in grassroots activism and academic research, Jorge moved to London in 2012 to undertake a PhD in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London.

His doctotal thesis, entitled ‘Media and Communicative Practices in the Quest for the Commons: Chile’s 2011 Student Movement’, explored the ways in which media and communicative practices contributed to render voice as a commons, thus opening up the political in the context of a democracy running under neoliberal guidelines

He is the author of the book The Media Commons and Social Movements: Grassroots Mediations Against Neoliberal Politics (Routledge, 2018) among other publications.

Research Interests

Dr Saavedra Utman's main research interest is centred on the mediations of non-mainstream politics, media systems and cultures of participation, and Latin American cultural politics.


SOC7: Media, Culture and Society

MPhil in Media and Culture

Key Publications - Books

Key Publications - Book Chapters

Saavedra Utman, J. 2019. ‘Occupying Space and Time. Enabling Communicative Ecologies for Democracy’. In Patricia Vilches (Ed.) Del Aire al Aire: Negotiating Space in Latin America. Boston, Leiden: Brill Publishers.

Saavedra Utman, J. and Miller, T. 2019. ‘Chile: The Rock of Political Culture and the Hard Place of Cultural Policy’. In Gunnar Iversen and Scott MacKenzie (Eds.) Images and Sounds of Fury: Mapping the Rockumentary. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press

Saavedra Utman, J. 2016. ‘Public Physical Practices' in the Rendering of the Commons: Chilean Students in 2011. In Stuart Price and Ruth Sanz-Sabido (Eds.) Sites of Protest (127-142). London: Rowman & Littlefield International.

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Saavedra Utman, J. and Miller, T. 2017. The Insignificance of David Bowie: Latin America’s Refusal of a World Icon. Continuum, Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 31:4, 509-518.

Saavedra Utman, J. and Poblete, M. 2015. Los Teatros en el Chile Intimo del Siglo XX: Una Aproximación Sociológica desde una Historia Local. Atenea (Concepción), 512, 285-302.

Saavedra Utman, J. 2015. Social Movements and Media in the Neoliberal Chile. IC Journal, 11, 79-101.

Saavedra Utman, J. 2013. Liderazgos Subalternos y Construcción Medial Chile 2007-2011. Revista Autónoma de Comunicación.

Key Publications - Other

Saavedra Utman, J. 2015. From America to Latino: Popular Music and the Kidnapping of Latin America. Street Signs, the Latin American Edition. Publication of the Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths, 24-25.

Job Title:
Affiliated Lecturer in Media, Culture and Society