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Sociology Research


Hong Yu Liu is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology. His doctoral research project investigates the impact of new technology on work conditions and industrial relations in China’s internet industry.

During his doctoral study, Hong Yu worked with Dr Bill Taylor (City University of Hong Kong) and his colleagues on a HK government-funded research project investigating the new unionism in Hong Kong (2020), and with Dr Crystal Kwan (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) on a project studying informal waste pickers in the city (2021). Also, he was a part-time lecturer at the College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University teaching two courses in communication and society.

Hong Yu is particularly honoured to receive the Marie Jahoda Visiting Fellowship from Digital Futures at Work Research Centre (Digit), University of Sussex. He is also the awardee of the SUPRA Nordic scholarship, presented by the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies. He was a visiting scholar invited by the Department of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong in 2020.

Research Interests

Current research interests: Sociology of work, work and technology, digital labour, industrial relations, the future of work.

Hong Yu previously researched ethnic minorities and their postcolonial identity struggles in Hong Kong as part of the "Capstone project" for his Master's degree at The University of Hong Kong.

Research Projects

Health and Well-Being Challenges and Interventions for Informal Waste-Pickers (2021) PI: Dr Crystal Kwan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hong Kong Job Quality Survey 2020 (Principal Investigator)

New Unions as Old Binaries or New Directions, funded by the Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office, Hong Kong Government (2020) PI: Dr Bill Taylor, City University of Hong Kong.

Hong Yu was also a research assistant for Dr Stuart Hogarth for his CancerScreen project (2019). Previously he worked for Dr Tommy Tse (University of Hong Kong) for his research, titled “Creative Industries in Flux: A Critical Investigation into the Challenges, Agency and Potential of Cultural and Creative Workers in Hong Kong” (2016-2017).


Undergraduate Supervisor, University of Cambridge (current):

SOC5 Statistics and Methods

SOC7 Media, Culture and Society

SOC9 Global Capitalism


Part-time Lecturer, College of International Education, HKBU (2021):

FCVM1400 Buying or Dying? Media, Consumption and the Making of Self

FCHC1400 Changing Hong Kong through Changing Media

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Liu, HY (2021, accepted) Book review: Martial Arts Cinema and Hong Kong Modernity: Aesthetics, Representation, Circulation. Global Media and China.

Liu, HY (2021) The Politics of Unionisation in Hong Kong: An Interview with Dr Bill Taylor. Global Labour Journal, 12 (3), 325-331.

Liu, HY (2021) South Asians in “Asia’s World City”: Post-Colonial Identity Struggles and Artistic Self-Representation in Hong Kong. Culture and Local Governance, 7(1-2): 1-16.

Liu, Hong Yu. (2020). 當代中國的國家與勞工 [The State and Labour in Contemporary China]. Hong Kong Journal of Social Science. 

Liu, Hong Yu. (2019). The Disappearing Product: Marketing and Markets in the Creative Industries. International Journal of Cultural Policy.

Key Publications - Other

Liu, Hong Yu. (2019). Will AI technology worsen inequality in the world of work? THINK, The International Academic Forum

Liu, Hong Yu. (2019). Migrant workers in the digital market: China’s platform economy. Asia Dialogue, University of Nottingham Asia Research Institute.

Grants and Projects

Trinity Hall Research Grants (2021)

Translation project:

Chinese translation of "Alienation Is Not ‘Bullshit’: An Empirical Critique of Graeber’s Theory of BS Jobs." by Soffia, M, Wood, A and Burchell, B (Work, Employment and Society, 2021.

DOI:10.1177/09500170211015067), published on Stand News.真的有-40-的工作都沒意義-大衛格雷伯狗屁工作理論與實證

PhD Supervisor

Prof Brendan Burchell

Media Articles

Research Groups & Affiliations


Marie Jahoda Visiting Fellowship (2021), Digital Futures at Work Research Centre (Digit), University of Sussex.

SUPRA Nordic Scholarship (2021), Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen.

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PhD Candidate, Trinity Hall
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