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Sociology Research


Rebekah graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Science, Technology, and Society (STS). Her thesis on the historical and political development of the Internet protocols (TCP/IP) won the Society of the College prize. She spent two years working at a law firm and with a digital rights NGO in the United States prior to Cambridge. Rebekah graduated in 2015 with an MPhil in Technology Policy from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. She started a PhD in October 2015 in the Cambridge Sociology department.

Research Interests

Rebekah has research interests centred on the societal implications of information communication technologies. She is particularly interested in the sociology of media and communications; her work focuses on gender, coloniality, and human rights in the context of sociotechnical development. Her dissertation explores public discussion surrounding the evolution of digital rights, specifically those related to privacy.


Undergraduate course supervision:

SOC3: Modern Societies

SOC7: Media, Culture and Society

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Key Publications - Other

Larsen, R. 29 June 2018. “Media Manipulation, Visibility, and Rights: Public Discussion Around the Right to Be Forgotten”. Presented at Media Manipulation, University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University.

Larsen, R. 22 May 2018. “Data Colonialism and Data Protection Reform: Transnational Advocacy Networks in Latin America”. Presented at Data Justice Conference, Cardiff University.

Larsen, R., Oman, S., Tchilingirian, J. 16 February 2018. “Researching Think Tanks with Digital Methods and Data Sprints”. Presented at University of Amsterdam’s Digital Methods Winter School and Bath University’s On Think Tanks Conference.

Larsen, R. 28 October 2017. “Mapping Dynamic Media Ecosystems: A Case Study of the Right to Be Forgotten”. Presented at Dubrovnik Media Days, Digital Intermediaries and Media Pluralism.

Larsen, R. 27 October 2015. “The Digital Information Verification Field: Current Actors, Practices and Trends”. Findings from field research with The Whistle. Available online

Larsen, R., Brochot, G., Lewis, D., Eisma, F.L., Brunini, J. 7 August 2015. “Personal Data Stores”. European Commission – DG Connect. Report commissioned by the European Commission to on personal data tools to evaluate feasibility and potential areas of policy assistance. Available online

Larsen, R. 18 April 2012. “The Political Nature of TCP/IP”. Momentum. Undergraduate thesis exploring socio-technical development of key Internet infrastructure. Available online.

PhD Supervisor

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Job Title:
PhD Candidate, St Johns College
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