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Sociology Research


Adam has published on intellectual property in relation to discoveries in the life sciences, and has an ongoing interest in broader understandings of human genomics in this respect. In past posts, Adam held the position of Lecturer at the Hughes Hall Centre for Biomedical Science in Society and then a Senior Research Fellow at St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne. Adam holds a PhD from Egenis, the Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences at the University of Exeter. His initial training at the University of Cambridge was in Natural Sciences (M.Sci.) and History and Philosophy of Science (M.Phil.).

Research Interests

In order of increasing generality, Adam's current main interest areas are:

non-invasive cancer detection, cancer epistemology, decision-making with respect to cancer and palliative care, all drawing on a background in sociology of science and medicine as well as philosophy of science.

Job Title:
Research Associate
Contact Information: