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Sociology Research


Michiel Van Oudheusden (PhD, 2012, University of Antwerp) is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie research fellow, working at the intersections of environmental sociology, policy making and digital participation. In his current MSCA research project GRACE (supervised by Prof Jennifer Gabrys), he studies and facilitates interactions between grassroots citizen science groups and formal institutions, such as public authorities and research communities, with the aim of developing mutually responsive environmental governance approaches. He is affiliated to KU Leuven and a cofounder and coordinator of the FWO-funded Belgian Science, Technology and Society network.

Research Interests

Citizen Science; Digital Participation; Responsible Research and Innovation; Science and Technology Studies; Science Policy; Sociology of Innovation.

Research Projects


SOC6: Advanced Social Theory, with Prof Jennifer Gabrys – “Citizens and Collectives” module and “Sociology of Futures” module.

Key Publications - Books

Soen V., Huyse T., Hens, N., Samaey, G., Poels, K., Van Hoyweghen, I., Van Oudheusden, M. (2016). Citizen Science in Flanders: Can we count on you? Young Academy Position Papers, 2. Brussels: KVAB Press.

Key Publications - Book Chapters

Goorden, L., Van Oudheusden, M., Evers, J., & Deblonde, M. (2008). “Nanotechnologies for Tomorrow’s Society: A Case for Reflective Action Research in Flanders, Belgium.” In: Presenting Futures: The Yearbook of Nanotechnologies in Society. Edited by E. Fisher, C. Selin, and J. Wetmore. Springer: 163-182;

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Van Oudheusden, M., Charlier, N., & Delvenne, P. (2019). "Flanders Ahead, Wallonia Behind (But Catching Up): Reconstructing Communities Through Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Making." Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society; 0270467619854327.

Perko, T., Van Oudheusden, M., Turcanu, C., Pölzl-Voil, C., Oughton, D. H., Schieber, C., ... & Baudé, S. (2019). "Towards a strategic research agenda for social sciences and humanities in radiological protection." Journal of Radiological Protection 39(3).

Van Oudheusden, M., Turcanu, C., & Molyneux-Hodgson, S. (2018). “Absent, yet present? Moving with ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’ in radiation protection research.” Journal of Responsible Innovation 5(2): 241-246;

Van Bouwel, J. & Van Oudheusden, M. (2017). “Participation Beyond Consensus? Technology Assessments, Consensus Conferences and Democratic Modulation.” Social Epistemology 31(6): 497-513;

Rossignol, N. & Van Oudheusden, M. (2017). “Learning from Incidents and Incident Reporting: Safety Governance at a Belgian Nuclear Research Center.” Science, Technology & Human Values 42(4): 679-702;

Schröder, J., Rossignol, N., & Van Oudheusden, M. (2016). “Safety in Long Term Radioactive Waste  Management: Insight and Oversight.” Safety Science 85: 258-265;

Van Oudheusden, M., Charlier, N., Rosskamp, B., & Delvenne, P. (2015). “Broadening, Deepening, and Governing Innovation: Flemish Technology Assessment in Historical and Socio-Political Perspective.” Research Policy 44(10): 1877-1886;

Delvenne, P., Charlier, N., Rosskamp, B., & Van Oudheusden, M. (2015). “De- and Re-Institutionalizing Technology Assessment in Contemporary Knowledge-Based Economies: A Side-by-Side Review of Flemish and Walloon Technology Assessment.” In: TA as an Institutionalized Practice – Recent National Developments and Challenges, TATuP - Journal for Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice 1(24): 25-32.

Van Oudheusden, M. (2014). “Learning in, through, and about Participatory Technology Assessment: The Case of Nanotechnologies for Tomorrow's Society (NanoSoc).” Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 26(7): 825-836;

Van Oudheusden, M. (2014). “Where are the politics in responsible innovation? European governance, technology assessments, and beyond.” Journal of Responsible Innovation 1(1): 67-86;

Van Oudheusden, M. & Laurent, B. (2013). “Shifting and Deepening Engagements: Experimental Normativity in Public Participation in Science and Technology.” Science, Technology & Innovation Studies 9(1): 3-22.

Laurent, B. & Van Oudheusden, M. (2013). “Naar een ethisch verantwoorde nanotechnologie? Over de plaats van ‘ethiek’ in het huidige wetenschapsbeleid.” Ethiek & Maatschappij 14(4): 15-32.

Van Oudheusden, M. & De Zutter, H. (2012). “Contesting Co-inquiry: ‘Noncommunicative’ Discourse in a Flemish Participatory Technology Assessment.” Science Communication 34(1): 83-113;

Van Oudheusden, M. (2011). “Questioning ‘Participation’: A Critical Appraisal of its Conceptualization in a Flemish Participatory Technology Assessment.” Science & Engineering Ethics 17(4): 673-690;

Deblonde, M. Van Oudheusden, M., Evers, J., & Goorden, L. (2008). “Co-creating nano-imaginaries: A report of a Delphi-exercise.” Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society 28(5): 372-389;

Goorden, L., Van Oudheusden, M., Evers, J., & Deblonde, M. (2008). “Lose one another ... and find one another in nanospace: Nanotechnologies for Tomorrow’s Society: a case for reflective action research in Flanders (NanoSoc).” NanoEthics 2(3): 213-230;

Key Publications - Other

Van Oudheusden, M. (2018). De waarheid voorbij? Wetenschap en emotie in een tijd van post-truth [Beyond truth? Science and emotion in a post-truth era]. Tijdschrift Milieu 5(24): 11-13.

Kenens, J., Van Oudheusden, M., Verschraegen, G., & Van Hoyweghen, I (2018). Engaging citizens in science: Impressions from an international workshop on citizen science. EASST Review 37(3).

Van Bouwel, J. & Van Oudheusden, M. (2017). Beyond Consensus? A Reply to Alan Irwin. Social Epistemology Review & Reply Collective 24 October.

Moniz, A., Yoshizawa, G., & Van Oudheusden, M. (2015). Technology Assessment in East Asia: Experiences and New Approaches. In: Constanze Scherz et al. (Eds.) Proceedings from the PACITA 2015 Conference. Berlin, Germany, Informatorium: 287-293.

Van Oudheusden, M. & Van Hoyweghen, I. (2015). Van botscan tot bodysuit. Naar een maatschappelijk debat over sportinnovatie in Vlaanderen [From bone scan to body suit: Opening societal debate on sports innovation in Flanders]. Karakter 52: 5-7.

Van Oudheusden, M. (2013). Broadening the Knowledge Base in Policymaking: Notes on a Symposium on Technology Assessment in the Walloon Parliament. EASST Review 32(2).

Grants and Projects

Van Oudheusden, M. and Gabrys, J. (PI) GRACE - Grassroots Citizen Science for Global Data Environments Project. European Commission (EC) Marie Curie Award (2019-2021): €224,934

Job Title:
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Research Fellow
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