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Sociology Research


Dr Olga Löblová is a Research Associate at the Department of Sociology. Her research interests focus on health policy in particular, and public policy in general. She is currently a member of the CANCERSCREEN ERC project team (led by Dr Stuart Hogarth), which studies the changing dynamics of diagnostic innovation. Olga focuses on the regulatory aspects of molecular cancer screening diagnostics.

Olga's previous research focused on the politics of health technology assessment (HTA), and health-care priority-setting and reimbursement decision-making in general. She has studied bodies and processes responsible for determining which health care interventions get public funding in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Her research on HTA in Central and Eastern Europe has been published in Policy Studies Journal; Health Economics, Policy and Law; and Journal of Health Services Research and Policy. Olga holds a PhD from Central European University (2016; Public Policy track) and MA degrees from the College of Europe (2010) and Sciences Po Paris (2009).

Olga has been a visiting lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, collège universitaire de Dijon (2014-2016), and a visiting professor at College of Europe, Bruges, where she developed and taught a workshop in professional development in European Health, Consumer and Risk Policy (2015 and 2016). She also has past experience as a consultant in European and global health policy, and in Brussels pharmaceutical lobbying.

Research Interests

Olga is interested in health policy, specifically in the politics of health care reimbursement decisions (health technology assessment) and the regulation of diagnostics.

Research Projects

CancerScreen: Understanding diagnostic innovation is important, given the weight of expectations surrounding personalised (or precision) medicine in the post-genomic era. Hopes that a new molecular taxonomy of disease and a new generation of diagnostic tools will transform biomedicine but there are widespread concerns about scientific standards in biomarker research and much uncertainty about how best to use public policy to steer innovation in the diagnostics sector. Some commentators urge more financial incentives for industrial R&D: others defend the value of a largely public sector innovation process; some express concerns about under-regulation: others warn of over-regulation. However, due to the paucity of research on diagnostic innovation, this policy discussion is driven more by anecdote and expert opinion than empirical evidence. Building on previous research by the PI and collaborators, the aim of the CancerScreen project is to address this empirical gap and provide a new conceptual framework for understanding the changing dynamics of diagnostic innovation.

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Löblová O., M. Csanádi, P. Ozierański, Z. Kaló, L. King, and M. McKee. 2019. “Patterns of Alternative Access: unpacking the Slovak extraordinary drug reimbursement regime 2012-2016”. Health Policy.

Löblová O., M. Csanádi, P. Ozierański, Z. Kaló, L. King, and M. McKee. 2019. “Alternative access schemes for pharmaceuticals in Europe: Towards an emerging typology”. Health Policy 123 (7), 630-634.                       

Löblová, Olga. 2018. “Epistemic communities and experts in health policy-making”. European Journal of Public Health 28 (suppl_3):7-10.

Löblová, O. (2018). "Who’s afraid of institutionalizing health technology assessment (HTA)?: Interests and policy positions on HTA in the Czech Republic." Health Economics, Policy and Law, 13(2), 137-161. doi: 10.1017/S174413311700024X 

Löblová, Olga (2017) "What has health technology assessment ever done for us?" Journal of Health Services Research & Policy

Löblová, Olga (2017) "When Epistemic Communities Fail: Exploring the Mechanism of Policy Influence". Policy Studies Journal 10.1111/psj.12213.

Greer, Scott L. and Olga Löblová (2017) “European integration in the era of permissive dissensus: Neofunctionalism and agenda-setting in European health technology assessment and communicable disease control”. Comparative European Politics 15, no. 3 (2017)

Löblová, O. (2016) “Three Worlds of Health Technology Assessment: explaining patterns of diffusion of HTA agencies in Europe.” Health Economics, Policy and Law 11, no. 3 (2016): 253 - 273

Gulácsi, László, Alexandru M. Rotar, Maciej Niewada, Olga Löblová, Fanni Rencz, Guenka Petrova, Imre Boncz, and Niek S. Klazinga (2014). "Health technology assessment in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria." The European Journal of Health Economics 15, no. 1 (2014): 13-25.

Grants and Projects

Olga Löblová, International Visegrad Fund scholarship, 2014/15, 2013/14

Job Title:
Research Associate, Robinson College