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Sociology Research


Lisa is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology. Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, she completed her undergraduate degree at Newcastle University in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies (BA Hons, 2010 - 2013), where she first developed her research interest in the sociology of the body and conducted empirical research on body size perceptions from a feminist perspective for her undergraduate dissertation. Following her BA, she studied towards a Masters degree in Women's Studies (MSt, 2013 - 2014) at the University of Oxford, with her dissertation exploring the online spaces of the so-called fat acceptance movement and their capacity to efficiently challenge people's attitudes towards fatness.

Lisa's current work/PhD thesis focuses on the concept of binge eating disorder (as well as compulsive overeating more generally) and how it can be perceived as a social justice issue, especially at the intersections of gender, race, and class in a UK context; furthermore, the project seeks to examine to what extent the treatment provision for BED in the UK treats it as a social (justice) issue, and how the treatment could potentially be improved by raising awareness of the social context around BED/overeating.

Research Interests

Intersectional feminism and Feminist Theories; Sociology of the Body (incl. Fat Studies, Aesthetic Labour and Beauty Politics); Sociology of Food; Eating Disorders as Socio-Cultural Phenomena; Sociology of Health Care Research Projects: Is Binging a Feminist Issue? Facilitating the revision of binge eating disorder and compulsive overeating treatment in the UK through an intersectional lens (thesis working title)


SOC3: Global Social Problems and Dynamics of Resistance (module: 'Body Projects Around the Globe')

SOC10: Gender

PhD Supervisor


ESRC Studentship (2015-2018)

Worcester College Prize for receiving a distinction in her MSt (2014)

Additional Information

Besides her academic work, Lisa is also currently serving as one of two Graduate Representatives on the Disabled Students' Campaign committee as well as the disabilities officer for the Lucy Cavendish College Students' Union.

Job Title:
PhD Candidate, Lucy Cavendish College