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Sociology Research


William Fleming is a PhD Student in the Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge. His doctoral research consists of a quantitative sociological analysis of workplace well-being initiatives in all their forms. He is
interested in how wellbeing fits in management, who engages with wellbeing initiatives, and what effect they have on workers' wellbeing. This research sits at a nexus of the sociology of work, sociology of health and wellbeing
science and these are all areas William is interested in more broadly.

William is proficient in statistical analysis and other computational methods. He was co-convener of the Individual in the Labour Market reading group and research cluster for a number of years. He has experience teaching
statistics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has taught on a number of papers in sociology.

Research Interests

Sociology of work, sociology of health, wellbeing, computational methods

Research Projects

My current PhD title is: "Workplaces, employment and wellbeing: An analysis of the 'Britain's Healthiest Workplace' dataset"



SOC2: Social Theory;

SOC5: Statistics and Methods;

SOC6 Advanced Social Theory;

SOC9: Global Capitalism;

SOC13: Health, Medicine and Society;

POL6: Statistics and Methods


Demonstrator for SSRMP


Module lecturer for ICE Pre-Masters

Key Publications - Other

Fleming, W. 2021. A review of The Employees: A Workplace Novel of the 22nd Century by Olga Ravn. Cambridge Humanities Review. Issue 17.

Fleming, W. 2019. Review: Manufacturing Happy Citizens by Edgar Cabanas and Eva Illouz. The Sociological Review.


PhD Supervisor

Prof. Brendan Burchell

Media Articles

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PhD Student, Jesus College
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