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Sociology Research


Yerkebulan Sairambay is a PhD candidate in Media Political Sociology at the University of Cambridge. In 2018, he received an MSc in Russian, Central and East European Studies from the University of Glasgow and an MA in Political Science from the Corvinus University of Budapest (a joint degree under the IMRCEES Erasmus Mundus programme, 2016-2018). Yerkebulan completed his undergraduate degree in Marketing with highest distinction (GPA 4.0 out of 4.0) from South Qazaqstan State University in 2015. During his time as an undergraduate, Yerkebulan studied Economics and Management at the University of Luxembourg as an exchange student in 2013. He also studied at the University of Padua as an Erasmus student in 2014-2015. He worked as an economist in Qazaqstan for one year between 2015 and 2016. His current research explores political participation, new media, civil society, and democratisation with a particular focus on post-communist Europe and former Soviet Union countries. He has been a member of the Erasmus Mundus Association since September 2017. Yerkebulan speaks Qazaq, English, and Russian fluently, and is learning Italian, French, and Hungarian.

Research Interests

Yerkebulan’s research interests involve, but are not limited to, the following areas of expertise: political participation, civic engagement, clan politics, new media, civil society, democratisation, and nation- and state- building.

Key Publications - Books

Sairambay, Y. (2008). Tests on Geography. Shymkent, Qazaqstan: Zhebe Design.

Key Publications - Journal Articles

Sairambay, Y. (2022). Internet and Social Media Use by Young People for Information About (Inter)National News and Politics in Russia and Kazakhstan. Studies of Transition States and Societies. (Online First).

Sairambay, Y. (2021). How has digitisation facilitated the rise of “digital totalitarianism”? VISION: A Publication of Cambridge University International Development Society, Michaelmas 2021, pp. 35-36

Sairambay, Y. (2020). The contemporary challenges of measuring political participation. Slovak Journal of Political Sciences, 20(2), 206-226.

Sairambay, Y. (2020). Reconceptualising Political Participation. Human Affairs, 30(1), 120-127.

Sairambay, Y. (2018). On the international stage, to what extent do legacies of “imperial status” affect contemporary policies and practices of the Russian Federation? iScience, 2(34), 94-98.

Media Articles

Research Groups & Affiliations


Presidential ‘Bolashak’ scholarship, UK, 2018-2022.

‘Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus IMRCEES’ programme scholarship, Scotland-Hungary, 2016-2018.

‘Erasmus Mundus: SILKROUTE’ project scholarship, Italy, 2014-2015.

Presidential Scholarship from the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Qazaqstan, 2014.

‘Academic Mobility’ programme scholarship, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 2013.

Presidential Scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Science of Qazaqstan, 2013.

‘The Best Position Paper’ in FAO committee of New Silk Way International Model United Nations, 2016.

Grand-Prix with ‘Gold Medal’ in International Competition for media projects ‘Economics in the Trend’ of IV Eurasian Economic Forum on Youth, Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2013.

Job Title:
Research Associate, Emmanuel College
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