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Sociology Research

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Political Sociology Cluster

The Political Sociology Research Cluster seeks to create an engaged community of scholars interested in the relationship between power, engagement, and social life. The Political Sociology Research Cluster is an open, welcoming space that encourages scholars to share new ideas and works in progress, with the goal of...

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Science and Technology Studies Research Cluster

The Science and Technology Studies Research Cluster has the goal of bringing together faculty and students who share an interest in technoscience and the interdisciplinary perspectives that scholarship in Science and Technology Studies provides. Science and Technology Studies (STS) is a rich and exciting interdisciplinary...

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Technology and New Media Research Cluster

The aim of the research cluster is to bring together academics from a range of backgrounds with an interest in technology and new media in order to explore and discuss recent and ongoing research. We welcome all students (undergraduate and postgraduate), staff, and visiting scholars to attend and participate in any/all...

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Bucking the Trend

Social Class Reading Group

The Social Class Reading Group provides an open and welcoming space to explore the role and significance of social class in the 21st century. This is a multidisciplinary group, with discussions including politics, education, psychology, and geography. We hope to bring together students and staff from across the university...

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Race Research Cluster

In Michaelmas 2020, the Race Research Cluster will be re-launching within the Sociology Department. Our aims for re-launching the cluster are to bring together faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in the university researching or taking interest in 'race', creating a space to discuss our academic endeavours and...

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Gender and Working Lives

Scholars studying various aspects of gender, labour, employment or work are invited to the interdisciplinary group on 'Gender and Working Lives'. Gender has long been recognised as an important analytic category in scholarship on work in various disciplines, including economics, geography, history, sociology and social...

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Gender Research Cluster

The Gender Research Cluster is based in the Department of Sociology and brings together graduate students and staff from across the university to explore the role of gender in academic research. In 2016/2017, we will meet to discuss gender in relation to a broad range of themes such as emotions, neoliberalism, race, and...

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Talking History

Talking History is a study group for sociology postgraduate students conducting historical research. It meets once a term in four-hour sessions, including a potluck lunch break. Proceedings commence with the History Huddle, a historical research workshop in Michaelmas, where contrasting approaches to history are assessed...